Friday, December 30, 2005

The Life We're Living Isn't Living

Pay Attention to your kids!

And get some help for your own Mess you've created.

I'm going to mix metaphors, but-- No one is an island (John Donne said it better) and we are feeling the expanding ripples in the pond from the pebbles and boulders you have dropped-in over the last 20 years (at least). ))) oOo

oOo Part of the mission of the Subversive Good Web is to unite to stem the tide of this disease, cultural and social swamp-fungus, world-wide pandemic of just plain BAD and EVIL grossness polluting our environment!

Said environment is Global, Spiritual, Internal, External, Galactic, micro- and macro-biologic, systemic, real and virtual, infinitesimal and viral-- but not infinite and hopeless! oOo

I'm on a Rant here, oOo but why do we continue to allow [ pay our attention to] the interruptions forced upon us by:
worthless drivel and trivia,
constant blather of talk/talk-heads and
tongue-waggers whilst saying nothing;

overLoad and overKill of sound, sight, symbol,
media and techno Noise;

clogged blogging and internet garbage,
human Scream-ers, Rage-rs,
Numb-ers, addict-Destroyers and
nihilist-Annialators, etc. etc.


The Subversive Good Web is about to Enter the Fray and engage these enemys of Life. . . but still under the Radar))) :)

oOo Connect. Together. Build the TrustWorthyWeb. oOo