Tuesday, January 29, 2008

NHT Mission Statement

"There exists within all of us a longing to leave a legacy.

We need to know that our lives are important, that our being here matters."

-- David McNally, business consultant

You’ve probably read something similar to that leading quote in motivational and business articles, perhaps in educational material as well. Did you know that of Internet users surveyed in the last few years, the 3 top responses given for why they were active online ( their driving needs) were:

  • “I want to make a difference”;
  • “I want to be heard”; and that
  • “individuals want to matter.”

Interesting: Not for information, not for shopping, not entertainment. For Change – for Expression – for Purpose. Of course we can and do daily make a Difference – for Better or Worse! We are already shaping how life will become, if we use the gifts, talents, skills and opportunities that we have.

I have been pursuing ways to build on these needs and enhance the possibilities of postive outcomes.

Many of you know me as a professional musician; some of us go way back to when I was in banking and food service! Having held many types of jobs and roles, I have experienced some frustration in finding the right “fit”. In examining my own talent profile and work, I find common threads in: creativity, technical orientation, team and project leadership, self-motivation and problem-solving.

The problem is, within my chosen framework of classical music, I have not been able to combine these into a satisfying and sustainable “whole”. So I am seeking ways to use these abilities in new ways. This has led me to this project. My business pursuit is about Talent and Marketing, but not about the Employment industry or HR, and not even PR.

It’s all about new beginnings, collaboration, maximizing strengths, and overcoming weaknesses.

No Hidden Talent Mission Statement [ drafted Nov. 2007 ]

“No Hidden Talent: Using your Talents for the Glory of God and the Good of People.”

Discovering, developing, utilizing our personal gifts; our personal presence, our purpose, our impact; building collaborative synergy through our unique roles, contributions, and commitments in life.

No Hidden Talent and its Brands are committed to making a difference on the Internet and in real life by providing resources, products and services that enable

Connecting People Now --

to the best of the Past,
with the brightest of the Future
and to each Other.

We will accomplish this Mission by developing web and consumer products that Purposefully ignore and eliminate the trivial, false, worthless, hurtful, oppressive, destructive and evil contributions from human existence—that instead Give Attention to the Good that will endure in spite of these. (There are already enough good ways and means of learning about, and learning from, the mistakes and sins of humanity—through education, the family, and spiritual growth.)

We will give time and attention only to positive, progressive and helpful people / resources / news / ideas / and actions, as they are found in the world and in cyberspace. This is to advance the cause of the “SubVersive Good— Building and Leaving a Legacy of Good.”

We are guided by the belief that what we do here in our lifetime has meaning now and lasting worth, when it furthers God’s Eternal Purposes of restoring all of creation to right relationship with himself. In small ways, we all can do our part as “salt and light” to preserve what’s good, enhance and contribute to positive human experience, and reveal the truth of God’s design for all of life and a re-created “heaven and earth.”

Connect. Together. Create the TrustWorthyWeb.
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