Monday, June 23, 2008

Orange you Glad ? We're Still Here. . .!

Business Model Change and InnovationImage by Alex Osterwalder via FlickrThis post bears repeating. NoHiddenTalent continues to implement a forward-looking business model, codenamed Orange You Glad? - by which we are working to establish a covert presence for the launch of a new concept in web use, which is currently in alpha development. Never fear, the future of the web is near.

As we press forward, I will provide more timely updates on progress toward our public launch. As a start-up Marketing & Information services company, NHT is working in the local business space first and foremost, identifying promotional needs and trends with the SOHO to mid-sized business sector.

"Orange You Glad" :) - as a promotional initiative - will make a difference in the tone and flavor of how local companies do business with their own communities, and how they connect to consumers over the Web.

With the variety of naturally nutritious fruits and veggies as a metaphor for what we want to accomplish. . . our first products will capitalize on the collective energy and wisdom of local consumers, merchants and home-grown knowledge.

We are preparing a delicious mix of ingredients, through a secret family recipe, using organic and down-to-earth productions, for the benefit of the people around us and our local economy.
It will bring a smilie to your face :)

Now for an inspirational interstitial moment [ sliced and diced ] :

Don't Believe in Miracles, Depend on Them
By Max Stein

You don't need an explanation for everything.
I realize I could say more, with concreteness, but then I
wouldn't be in stealth-mode anymore. So, not yet. . .

Recognize that there are such things as miracles,
events for which there are no explanations.
Later, knowledge may explain those events quite easily.
Once we pull back the curtain on where we're going,
you'll be able to see better where we're coming from.

The fact that you can plant a seed and it becomes a flower,
share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's,

By transference we will accomplish much more than through
any multiplicity of siloed efforts. The miracle of collaboration and
sharing can be harnessed to preserve and increase the greater good.

smile at someone and receive a smile in return are common miracles.
Viral smilies will bring a smilie to your face :)

Your duty to yourself is to believe that for which
you have sufficient evidence,

and to suspend your judgment when you have not.
Good things are coming to those who wait. In active preparation we can ready ourselves to share the opportunities of the moment and Seize the Day.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Some things have to be believed to be seen.

Vision is the art of seeing invisible things.

Project Primary :) GRIN - Good Things are Coming.

Connect. Together. Build the TrustworthyWeb.

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