Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Successes and Failures

My company, No Hidden Talent [NHT], is founded on the principle of seeking out and promoting the good, the best, the positive. In pursuing that mission, we encounter much in our search/quest that is none of these - eg. the ugly, the wrong, the mistakes, the junk. And we ourselves will make mistakes along the way, so for our stake-holders I will periodically update our current status - both our progress, and what we've learned through setbacks and failures.

I am at a point in my life [whew! it sure took a long time] where fear of failure and the need to always be right [successful !] does not hold the power over me like it used to. . . so here goes.

In attempting to create a local sports voting poll, we ran into difficulty with admin. and sports interests who were afraid that this would "commercialize" the game. Also the technical interface of online service - to - mobile - to - voting results proved too big an obstacle to overcome. Our local programming talent couldn't seem to get the code right and we ran out of time.

There was no time for beta testing, no fix before the live game, so we backpedaled with our sponsor-merchants and had to apologize for the breakdown.

In the process I did initiate and build on some good business relationships, and met some positive people in the community. We hope this spring to rollout another attempt [ with the bugs fixed beforehand!]

Final Note: The second year-attempt also met with operational bugs, so had to be scrapped.
In the mean-time, you can text a mobile vote for MVP's at the SuperBowl instead! :-D

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