Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can I Pray 4 U ?

Prayer on the Internet - is it something you regularly do? How does someone worship God at their computer? Are there trustworthy resources for prayer and spirituality on the Web?

It seems many blogs and websites supposedly intended for prayer are either advocating "world prayer" or some other New Age cult or mystic religion, rather than directed to Christ for Christians. Or there is a definite slant toward certain doctrines or particular churches.

I have wanted to find places that enhance my devotional life, that aren't a membership or church site, and would help Christians to focus on our prayer-life.

So after some long time considering this, I have decided to get a prayer website running. My hope for this is to offer a space where people can consider various ways to pray, and deepen their relationship with God in multifaceted ways. I have studied the Bible to get a larger understanding of the what, whys, and how of prayer, but I myself still have a lot to learn and put into practice. :)

So this website will not be a definitive destination by any means! Hopefully just an additional resource and perspective for Christians to post prayer requests, questions, learn of ways to pray they might not have considered, etc.

As a work in progress, the site: is not birthed yet. But I have been working out some general concepts for theme and format.

Jesus tells us that to truly honor and serve God we should be about Loving God -- with "all your heart, all your soul, with all your mind and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself. On these rest all the Law and the Prophets. . ."

. . .to be continued. . .
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